“Crypto’s Carbon Footprint Persists Despite Market Decline”

Bitcoin’s Environmental Toll Could be Even Higher This Year.

At this point, for most of us, cryptocurrency seems like nothing more than a fad. After the FTX bankruptcy and broader crypto crash last year, basically all of the celebrities who were promoting crypto have gone silent. “MiamiCoin,” hyped by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez as a new source of income for the city, is now worthless. The Wild West days of the industry may be over.

"Crypto's Carbon Footprint Persists Despite Market Decline"

Recently, the head of the SEC warned crypto firms that they will be held accountable for their actions. This may be the beginning of a more regulated era for the industry. While this may be bad news for some, it could be good news for the environment.

Cryptocurrency has a massive environmental toll. The huge amount of energy required to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is causing a huge increase in carbon.

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