“Inside $400K/Month Crypto Rehab: Yachts, Chefs & Bentleys”

The high-flying, fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies has led to a new generation of addicts seeking minute-by-minute updates on their investments. Now, there’s a luxurious rehab industry to help them – for exorbitant fees.

These rehab centers for affluent traders offer tailor-made programs, with no requirement for patients to give up their devices to keep off trading apps. Patients are waited on by hospitality staff with access to spas, yoga and dance lessons, golfing and boat trips.

Inside $400K/Month Crypto Rehab

The most luxurious and expensive addiction treatment facilities in the world are those that offer 24-hour live-in counselors and access to medical specialists. The cost of a month’s stay can be up to $400,000. Two examples of these facilities are Paracelsus Recovery in Zurich, Switzerland, and The Balance in Majorca, Spain.

The two facilities provide luxury amenities, such as personal chefs, private yachts, chauffeur-driven Bentleys, and live-in therapists.

They treat around a dozen patients each year who are mostly men in their mid-30s who have found themselves addicted to the dopamine high that comes from watching their investments rise. Treatment programs involve tailored rehab programs, which include customized diet plans, acupuncture, yoga, and sometimes medication.

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