Swiss Government Bank PostFinance Introduces Crypto Services for Customers

PostFinance, a Swiss government-owned financial services firm, has partnered with digital asset bank Sygnum to launch a suite of crypto services for its customers. The move comes as a result of PostFinance analyzing its customers’ investment needs and discovering strong demand for digital investment services.

The company’s 2.5 million customers can now buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, in addition to accessing a range of crypto services. PostFinance is one of Switzerland’s most trusted financial institutions, and this new partnership will make it easier than ever for Swiss citizens to get involved in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

Swiss Government Bank PostFinance Introduces Crypto Services for Customers

Philipp Merkt, Chief Investment Officer of PostFinance, believes that digital assets are an integral part of the financial world and customers want access to this market. PostFinance’s customers will also have access to the staking service, which locks up crypto assets for a set period to earn yields. Notable crypto assets such as Ethereum, Cardano, Internet Computer, and Tezos will be supported by the staking service.

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PostFinance will now be able to offer its clients access to Sygnum’s several banking partners, thanks to the company’s new B2B banking platform. This announcement highlights the importance of reputable and established partners in the financial industry, particularly in the digital asset space.

The Swiss government is continuing its embrace of cryptocurrencies with the launch of crypto services by a government-owned bank. This demonstrates the increasing mainstream acceptance of digital assets in the financial world and signals a shift towards more traditional financial institutions embracing cryptocurrencies. This is a significant development in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The growing interest of traditional financial institutions in digital assets is illustrated by the partnership between PostFinance and Sygnum. The launch of crypto services by PostFinance is likely to encourage other banks to consider offering similar services to their customers. As more institutions embrace cryptocurrencies, this could lead to increased adoption and usage of digital assets in the financial industry, which would benefit the wider crypto ecosystem.

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